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Can I use the app to access multiple gym locations? Each gyms under fitbox have their own timezone set upon initial set up. A user can be active in... How can I cancel a booking? There are 2 ways to cancel your bookings. First, is to contact your gym administrator or any... How can I change my payment details through the app? From the App, you may update your payment details by doing the following: Tap Menu My Profile... How can I provide feedback or suggestions for the app? At this point, there is no option for users to provide feedback or suggestions from the app. The... How can I update my personal information? You may update your personal information on the app by following the steps below: Tap Menu My... How can I view my workout history? You may view your workout history by going to: Tap the app Menu  Performance Workouts - This... How do I add a child to my account? Adding child account can only be set up the gym admin through the admin portal.  If you are... How do I book in to a class? After completing your gym's sign up process. You are all set to start booking to a Class. There... How do I change my email address? You may update your email address from the app by doing the following steps: Tap Menu My... How do I register or create an account? Once your gym has been set up in the Fitbox system, an invitation email will be sent to the... How do I renew or upgrade my membership? Users can renew or change memberships through the app by following the steps below. Tap Menu... How do I report a problem or bug with the app? To report a problem or a bug on the app. You can either raised it to your gym admin or reach out... How do I reset my password? Once the gym has been set up in the Fitbox system, an invitation email will be sent to the... How do I turn on/off notifications? We are currently building a feature wherein gym admins can select which notifications to send to... How do I use the app to check in at the gym? At this point only the gym admin and staff has the ability do check in a user. A member can only... How to Add/Update Payment Details from the App The ways to add your payment details depends on how your profile was added in fitbox. Below are... How to Join a Gym using the QR Code Sign Up Please follow steps below when signing up directly on the app using a QR Code or Gym Code.... How to Log Your Wellness To log your wellness for the day: Tap Track your Wellness Choose your answer on the scale... How to log Your Workout Results To log Result In the Mobile App: 1. Select the Session that you want to log a result for.2. Tap... How to view past performance or log an ad-hoc result To see Past Performance or to log an ad-hoc workout result. 1.Tap Menu at the bottom right hand... What do I do if I think I have been overcharged? For any billing issues it is best to discuss it first with your gym administrator for them to...
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