Programming for CrossFit® Gyms

Forte Training - Affiliate Program (Baseline)

Forte Training- Affiliate Program (Baseline)

Our Affiliate Program delivers an inclusive program so you and your affiliate can focus on what matters most, giving your members a challenging experience, improving their movement and attaining their goals all in a fun environment.

Mayhem Athlete Programming

Mayhem Athlete

Experience the essence of CrossFit Mayhem's fitness regimen with the Mayhem Affiliate Programming. Led by Darren Hunsucker, the most successful coach in CrossFit history, this program mirrors the exact workouts followed by CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville. Designed for fitness gyms worldwide, it offers 6 days of comprehensive programming each week, with an optional cardio/aerobic session on Sundays. Dive into a fitness journey curated by experts and feel the Mayhem difference in your gym, no matter where you are.

Starr Strength & Performance Programming

Starr Strength+Performance

Starr Strength is a training system that supports individuals who are motivated to chase their full potential in fitness and performance.
We call it a “training system” rather than a program, because it includes more than just programming. When you are a part of Starr Strength, you have regular contact with Luke Starr and our expert coaching team, and you are immersed in a community of athletes with similar goals to enhance your progress.
The Starr Strength system has prepared hundreds of athletes to compete in the sport of fitness, including the CrossFit Games, Regionals, Sanctionals, Semi Finals and local competitions.